Wednesday, April 27, 2016

House Update: We Planted an Apple Tree

Now that the weather has warmed up, our attentions have turned outward, especially Greg's because he kind of does yards for a living and the big empty yard was a big selling point for him. 

First off, we had our first fire of the season in the backyard! Whoo! Six people came, which isn't bad for a last minute shindig. (There will be more planning and prep next time. Probably.) Last year, we were only able to have one fire on Halloween, which was a pretty great inaugural event. Too cold after that.

We cleared a lot of trash that had somehow collected in the yard, probably due to the monster windstorms we kept having this past winter. Greg also cut down a lot of dead grapevines, most of which went on the fire. He also took out a large patch of a type of grass we don't want and put down seed for the type we do (can you tell this is not my thing?). Our yard is mostly dandelions right now.

And we planted an apple tree! It's a pink lady, my favorite kind of apple. So sweet! Like candy. Another apple tree of a different variety will be going in at some point so they can cross-pollinate. We used the sod we dug up for the tree to fill the mystery hole in one corner of the backyard. (It might have once been a fire pit, but we really don't know.) I used one of my father's old shovels to move the sod, one I sometimes used to help him in our garden growing up. It felt like a little piece of him is living on in my own garden I am building with my future husband. (Pa would love Greg. I wish they could have met.)

Beneath the tree, we also interred our beloved cat Sawyer's ashes. (Because he passed in January, he could not be buried out-right and his body was instead cremated to await the spring thaw.) We have talked about putting a bench there, as well, and maybe growing catnip in the area. We have some catnip in a planter in the kitchen that we bought for Sawyer not long before he died. Our other cats do not attack it with as much relish as he did.

Greg is outside now mowing for the first time this season (goodbye, dandelions! we hardly knew ye) and will soon be digging up an area along the side of the house for a garden. He got a great deal on mulch at work. I think he is going to plant lilies.

Well, I have a demanding kitty on my lap who is forcing me to type left-handed (I'm so much better with my right hand), so I will end this here. Ciao!

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  1. You have such a beautiful blank backyard canvas waiting to be created. Have fun with it.