Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Plymouth Ice Festival 2017 (Ringing in the New Year)

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This past weekend, January 6th through the 8th, was the Plymouth Ice Festival, which, since moving to southeast Michigan, I have frequented with my husband Greg. It seems a fitting way to ring in the new year, a time when winter has pretty firmly taken hold here in Michigan. 

We arrived a little late, so a lot of the shops were closed or closing, but my schedule has been busy, often working six days a week, over the few months, so I'm glad I was able to participate this year at all! Squeeze it in, as it were. 

I've always found ice (that isn't on the road or sidewalk) beautiful, and I love the creativity and skill put on display at the Ice Festival. And the festive atmosphere! There's music, toasted almonds, hot chocolate, activities for kids, a tower made of ice and filled with burning pallets... 

Plymouth is a cute, if Conservative, town with a downtown full of shops, restaurants, and a surprising number of candy shops. My favorite store is Earth Lore, on Wing St near the corner of Forest. Greg loves Espresso Elevado, a coffee shop right by Earth Lore. Sadly, we missed both this year. 

The next winter event for us is Zehnder's Snowfest in Frankenmuth, MI lasting from January 25th to the 30th. If you have not been to Frankenmuth, it's a trip. (Read about my first visit here.) And the sculptures carved out of snow at the festival are truly impressive! (Read about when we went in 2015 here.) 

I'm hoping to go this year with friends who have not been, which is always fun. I love sharing quirky things with people. I do hope there will be more snow than there is now. It would be sad to have a Snowfest with no snow, and if it's so warm that the snow melts as it is being carved, that is even more disappointing. So here's to colder weather! Which is not something I say often.